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  1. Merk: Systema & Knights Armament Producttype: M4A1 upper receiver with KAC RAS Staat: used Model/Uitvoering:M4A1 Maat: NA Defecten: Barrel nut is used and seems to be stuck Verzendwijze: post.nl or pickup in Haarlem Prijs:€300 or best offer
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    Merk: E&L Producttype: AKMS Staat: new Model/Uitvoering: Generation 2 Maat: Defecten: Verzendwijze: postnl of ophalen in Haarlem Prijs:€225 or best offer
  3. Yep, all guns in Germany have to be modified to semi auto only (except below 0,5J) and also need an official "stamp" on the body. So you can't import yourself but only buy at german shops. Which definitely limits the choice and increases the prices. So yes, i'm very happy to be in the Netherlands
  4. Reading is quite fine, and i can speak it a bit. But I'm much more confident in speaking / writing english. First chance to meet me will be the 25th of May where i will be on the Airsoft heaven Event.
  5. Hey everybody. My name is Mike, 32years old and living in Amsterdam. Originaly i'm from Germany which is also the reason why i don't type this in dutch. As i've been playing airsoft in Germany i wanted to pick up my hobby in the Netherlands again as it's finaly legal. Looking forward to see you on the battlefield.
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